22 Mar 06

Was King Solomon Saved?

Dear Bro. Waddey:
Are there any scriptures that state or inference that Solomon was lost? My understanding is yes, he did disobey God in a most blatant manner, but the book of Ecclesiastes was his repentance. I had a sister tell me last night after our ladies' class she agrees, the book may have been, but repentance means nothing if you don't DO something. She went on to say that all the idols erected during Solomon's reign were not torn down until King Josiah, and if Solomon had repented in the biblical sense, he would have had them torn down.

Dear ML:
As to Solomon's final state, we have no direct statement telling us what his relationship to God was at the end of his days. However we do know that God loved him, blessed him and used him to build his temple lead the kingdom of Israel to its greatest glory. Solomon sinned grievously, even as did his father David. The fact that God chose to include three of Solomon's books and two of his psalms in our Bible seems a pretty strong indication that Solomon died in good standing with the Father. I have taught the book of Ecclesiastes some 25 times. As I understand its message, Solomon realized the foolishness of his sinful ways, repented and turned back to God. Chapters 11:9-12:13 is the advice of a godly man to those living in sin.

It is often the sad case that although we may repent of our sins and find forgiveness, the damage we did while in sin cannot be so easily repaired or restored. An alcoholic may repent of his drunkenness, become a sober man and a dedicated Christian, but he may never recover the family he lost because of his sin. So was the case of Solomon. As some sage put it, sin is much easier done that undone.

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