21 April 2006

What About Online Ordination and Licensing?

Dear Bro. John:
What are your thoughts on the legitimacy of websites that grant ordination or religious degrees? They read to be sincere in their missions, i.e. The Universal Life Church, The Church of The Seven Planes, The World Christianship Ministries. WCM seems to be the only one that ordains to the Christian faith. Your guidance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
--Sam C.

Dear Sam:
The websites that offer ordination are phony. The license or certificate they offer is worthless. It represents one man selling another man a piece of paper intended to make his claim to be a preacher legitimate... also it provides a convenient facade for those who wish to circulate as “ordained ministers.”

Better to be busy doing God's work. You do not need ordination or a license to do that. Nor does one need ordination or a license to teach others about Christ.

Remember, you cannot find any mention of ordination and licensing in the New Testament. Such is the creation of men.

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