21 April 2006


Got a bible-related question? Email me! I will answer it, and if it gets posted I will change all names and locations for privacy. Or, if you request, I will not publish the Q&A at all.

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John Waddey is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and a life long member of the Church of Christ.

He is a graduate of Southern Christian University. John's preaching career began in 1956. He has served Churches of Christ in Mississippi, Colorado, Tennessee and Arizona. Evangelism and missions have always been a vital part of his work.

He has traveled extensively, at home and abroad, visiting and working with missionaries in 19 foreign nations. For 18 years John helped to train young ministers in the East Tennessee School of Preaching. A major portion of his time and energy has been devoted to Christian journalism.

He has authored more than 1,200 articles that have been published in numerous Christian publications. He also edited two religious magazines: The Star and The Christian Bible Teacher. He is the author of 27 published volumes.* Introducing the Churches of Christ, which he edited, has over 100,000 thousand copies in print. Presently, John writes Biblical lessons that are published in his local newspaper.

Helping others to understand God's Word and leading them to Christ are the goals of John's ministry. With a research library of some 20,000 religious volumes, he is able to provide answers to most questions sincere students of the Bible might have. He sees the Internet as a wonderful tool, which God has provided for the spread of the gospel and is eager to share his knowledge with truth-seekers around the world.

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